Internet and Social Media Searches are a cost effective tool for gathering information related to the subject of an investigation. Whether attempting to determine the subject’s activities, hobbies, relatives, location, employment or to locate crucial information related to the loss, these searches are a valuable tool in uncovering information that may not be disclosed by the subject. All Internet and Social Media Searches are completed by HUB’s Research Team which is comprised of experienced and trained Analysts. A combination of manual process and systems/software algorithms are utilized to assist in locating a subject’s information. All possible subject information located is cross-referenced to establish possible deviations and associations for a more thorough search. A general search engine is used and local periodicals, press releases and media outlets (to include obituaries) related to the subject and their relatives are checked. Social media sites that are checked include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. The Research Analyst captures all available metadata, video and pictures for the final report.